Resident Dining Area

Located on the ground floor

You must be registered resident on the website to place a booking. If you have not yet already, you can register here.

Once your booking is confirmed you will have the dining room and kitchen available for the day you have booked the room for, from 6am to 10pm.You must clean the room and be out of the room by 10pm sharp.

Staff will place a sign on the door that the room is booked out on the morning of the booking. They will also take a photographic record of the rooms condition pre the room booking.

Concierge will come to inspect the room at 10pm sharp to ensure the room is clear and clean with no damages. You must vacate the room and kitchen by this time in order to close off the booking for the room on that day.

The room must be returned in the same condition it was when your booking commenced.

Please note there is no fee for booking this room. If the Dining room and kitchen have been damaged in any way or is not cleaned the Owner’s Corporation will bill the lot owner for the cleaning and any damages.

Dining room bookings are limited to 2 bookings only per year, per lot This enables fairness of the shared facility. All residents may use the dining room at anytime if there is no booking.

Should you wish to book the dining room more that twice a year your booking may be rain checked for another time, if a resident who has not had an opportunity to book the dining room wishes to book in.

This room is not to be booked for parties The room is designed for small dining gatherings to a maximum of 12 people