General Information

Concierge Services

Concierge are available Monday to Friday from 7am till 10.30pm 

Weekends-Public holidays from 8am till 1pm.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone 03 9088 8956

Please note Concierge will not take furniture deliveries or heavy packages that they cannot lift, nor large items they cannot store. Only parcels and small packages are accepted.

Food deliveries/perishable items- due to Concierge not having a cold store room and food handling safety, Concierge will not except food/ fresh deliveries being perishable items. No responsibility will held by Concierge for food/perishable deliveries.

Common Area Wi Fi

Ground Floor common area Wi Fi is for all residents living at Opera to use. Please contact Concierge for the Wi Fi username and password.

Storage cage security and use

To enter your storage cage you will need to use your apartment key.

The Owners Corporation recommend that you do not store any valuables in storage cages . Bikes are not permitted to be stored in cages. Please ensure that your items are raised off the ground due to the basement being a wet basement. No items are to be stored in the spoon drain as this will cause flooding.

Ensure you take note of any height restrictions labeled on the cage. 

Recycling & Waste Management 

Both recycling and general waste chutes are installed at Opera, located on each level. Please ensure that your general waste is tied up in bags before you carry your general waste through the common area.

Never force any items or cardboard boxes down the chute. Penalties apply to the responsible resident if the chute gets blocked up.

Recycling Centre

If you have large recycling (boxes) Please ensure you crush the boxes flat and place them neatly in the bins that are sitting in the loading dock.

The loading dock is located at the west side of the building on the ground floor. You will find the door to the loading dock located just past the lifts and toilet on the far west side of the ground floor.

Smoke detectors & Maintenance

If you ever burn food in your apartment, never open the door to the hallway as this will set off fire alarms. MFB call out charges will be charged back to your apartment per truck that attends.

Smoke detector batteries must be changed once a year.

Storing bikes on bike racks

Please ensure you use a D lock only when storing your bike on the common area bike racks for security reasons.

Noise Complaints and nuisance controls 

Registered building rules state noise is not to be made that can be heard outside of a lot between the hours of 11pm and 8am.

If you are making noise that is disturbing other residents and the Building Manager is called after hours, Security will attend. This callout will incur charges to the lot Owner. $150 will be charged through the Owners Corporation.

Please ensure you take into consideration your neighbours and the quiet enjoyment of their homes.

Intercom system-guest entry

To buzz your guest up to your apartment please follow the steps below.

1, When a guest calls your apartment press the speak button

2, The key symbol will open the door that the guest is at and release the lift.

3, When a guest is entering through both doors do not cancel the call until after they have entered the second door and you have pressed the key button.

4, To finish the call, press the speak button.